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Crazy Kennar, Cartoon comedian & Flaqo: Comedians Giving Kenyans Something to Smile About Amidst Pandemic

The Covid -19 outbreak placed focus on mental health with statistics pointing at a surge in stress level and anxiety due to the adverse effects of the global pandemic.

Kenyans faced with job losses, disrupted livelihoods, and one lockdown after another, a group of Kenyans has been actively playing the role of helping Kenyans release some gas through comical relief.

Comedians have taken to their social media accounts to outpour their creativity through hundreds of videos, all aimed at keeping millions of their followers entertained from their couches despite there being no physical events. 

This has pushed creativity within the comedy world to a new level, as demand for more humorous and friendly content rises by the day.

This phase has also given birth to a new breed of comedians who have kept Kenyans laughing through the storms, quickly becoming household names.

They include Flaqo, Crazy Kennar, Mulamwah, Cartoon comedian, and Coconut among others.  

Here is the video: