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Kituluni Hill, The Devil’s Kitchen and 5 other Strange but Awesome Places to Visit in Kenya 

Kenya is one of the most beautiful countries with fascinating places to explore. A  country of great diversity, filled with natural beauty and renowned for refining its rustic ambience and cultural elegance.

Here are strange but awesome places to visit in the country. 

Kituluni Hill

In Machakos County, lies Kituluni hill that defies Isaac Newton’s law of gravity. Cars and water flows uphill unaided, sparking the belief of mystical powers in the region.

Menengai crater

Menengai Crater is not only the largest caldera in Kenya it is also the biggest in the world. At the crater, a controversial cave draws tourists by stories of strange happenings. Many are convinced that this is a haunted place.

The Shape-Shifting Swamp of Ondiri

Ondiri Swamp is located in Kiambu County. The area around the swamp has this quicksand feel to it that gives you the sensation of sinking into the bosom of mother earth as you walk around.

The Devil’s Kitchen

Situated in Malindi, the Devil’s Kitchen was originally a place full of sandstone which, through erosion over millennia by heavy rainfall. This has left behind a spectacular canyon where massive structures over 30 M high rise to the sky forming a spectacle that can only be seen to be believed.

The Taita Skull Caves

The Taita Skull Caves showcase the spectacular outcome of a strange, ancient burial culture practised among the Wasagalla, Wadawida and Wakasigau people.

Blood-Red Alkaline Lake in Kapedo

Kapedo is home to a blood-red alkaline lake which is a sight to behold. Believers in myth allege that the red lake symbolizes the bloodshed witnessed in the area over the years.

However, scientists argue that as the lake dries out, its salinity increases. The warm water’s high salt concentration makes what’s left of the lake a prime breeding ground for Dunaliella algae, which turns the water blood-red.

 The Archeological Site of Namoratunga

Namoratunga is an archaeological site on the west side of Lake Turkana. The site is also believed to be archaeoastronomical because of the 19 pillars found here.

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