The Jubilee Party is seeking to sever ties with Deputy President William Ruto linked-United Democratic Alliance (UDA) ending their pre-election agreement.

The President Uhuru Kenyatta-led party has argued that it signed an agreement with the Party for Democratic Reforms (PDR) which was rebranded to UDA, stating that the transformation makes it a new entity.

If Jubilee is cutting ties with UDA, legislators allied to DP Ruto who have publicly supported UDA's agenda under the protection of the pre-election pact will be legally exposed.

According to the Political Parties Act, a party member advancing the interests of another party risks disciplinary measures including expulsion from the party.

Jubilee Secretary General Raphael Tuju stated that Jubilee will terminate the agreement with UDA.

"It is dishonest to say we are in the same coalition with UDA. It is a hostile coalition. It is hostile in parliament. It cannot be allowed to continue," Tuju declared.

The move comes at a time when Jubilee's efforts to suspend six nominated Senators for their association with the newly formed party hit a brick wall.

Jubilee submitted to the Political Parties Disputes Tribunal its decision to suspend the lawmakers including nominated senator Isaac Mwaura for their association with UDA.

DP Ruto has, however, dismissed the plot, reiterating that the pact between Jubilee and UDA is valid.

"Jubilee and UDA are one. We have a coalition agreement and have been working together. If they break Jubilee trying to make a tribal party, we will build UDA as a national party we had hoped Jubilee would be," DP Ruto had stated.

Last week, Thursday, April 15, 2021, the DP stated that Jubilee will be to blame for the future exodus of lawmakers to UDA. He added that if Jubilee fails, they will move to UDA which is already a functioning party and a coalition partner of Jubilee.

Legislators allied to the DP have also maintained they have done nothing wrong in their support for UDA.

Jubilee, however, maintains that it is unlawful for the legislators to be in two parties at the same time, asking them to quit and seek election via UDA.

UDA has five elected leaders led by Senate Majority Deputy Leader Fatuma Dullo, Wajir Woman Representative Fatuma Gedi, Tarbaj's Ahmed Bashane, Mark Lomunokol of Kacheliba, and Ijara's Sophia Abdi.