Reports have emerged claiming that Malindi Member of Parliament Aisha Jumwa refused to shower with salty water provided at the police station.

Ms Jumwa demanded that Port police statin provide her with fresh water to take her bath, according to the Standard.

Finally, the MP agreed to shower with the salty water before she was presented at the Coast General Hospital for the psychiatric evaluation.

The Malindi legislator was provided with a two-inch mattress, a pillow and mosquito net in her own cell.

Murder case

Jumwa was locked in the cell at the police station for a week with her bodyguard Geoffrey Otieno Okuto, who is also her co-accused ion the murder case.

Mombasa High Court released Jumwa on an Sh4 million cash bail in the Gumbao Jola murder case after spending four days in police custody.

Her co-accused Co-accused was also released on a bond of Sh1 million or a cash bail of Sh1.5 million.

The two are accused of killing 48-year-old Jola on October 15, 2019, when chaos broke out during Ganda ward by-election.