The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) has nabbed a young man who has been defrauding young college girls in the city.

According to the DCI, the man identified as Rashid Barasa has been preying on the young ladies through their social media pages.

He scouts for those posting comments on tour and travel companies then reaches out to them promising to take them to the said destinations.

After successfully convincing his victims to meet up with him, he sends them bus fare then meets them at lodgings in the city, defrauds them then he flees to his hideout.

The DCI has appealed to young women to be careful not to fall for such tricks while using social media networks.

Here is the DCI’s full statement:

The hunter has today become the hunted. Detectives attached to the Serious Crimes Unit have this morning arrested a suspect following a spate of disappearances of young college girls from their homes.

The 21-year-old Rashid Barasa Omari preys, pounces and later coerces his victims who he fishes from the comments section appearing on Tour and Travel advertisements. Omari presents himself as a person capable of sponsoring his victims to the advertised destinations.

Instead, he lures them to lodgings in Nairobi after sending them bus fare, then robs them off their valuables before disappearing to his hideout. Upon arrest, the suspect led detectives to his house where valuables including laptops, mobile phones and handbags belonging to other victims were recovered.

We are appealing to young college students to be wary of such criminals preying on them on social networking sites.