Top Jubilee officials plan to extend President Uhuru Kenyatta’s occupancy as party leader beyond his retirement after 2022, according to reports by the Nation.

Jubilee Secretary-General Raphael Tuju cited the President’s role in uniting the country.

“I don’t talk for him but I don’t see why he should not continue leading the Jubilee Party after 2022," Tuju stated.

"I want to state that there is consensus, especially from those of us holding senior positions in the party, that it still needs his (Uhuru’s) passion to bring this country together,” he added.

Tuju opined that Uhuru has worked hard to build the party and to create harmony in the country in fulfilment of the Jubilee constitution and manifesto.

“If you look at the first page of our constitution, it states that Jubilee should spearhead the endeavour to bring this country together, make transition from ethnic-based politics to politics of ideas and inclusivity, of reaching out," Tuju explained.

"With that kind of passion and vision, we’re very much convinced that he should continue to be party leader in the foreseeable future," he added.

Tuju said they’re hopeful that the handshake between the President and Mr Odinga will live on after the 2022 polls for the sake of national peace and continue enhancing the war on corruption.