Police in Ruiru, Kasarani and Kijabe are investigating incidents in which four men were reported missing and later found murdered and their mutilated bodies dumped in Kijabe forest and Kiserian.

The families of the four have been able to positively identify blogger Frank Obegi, Moses Nyachae, Fred Obare, and Elijah Omeka at the City mortuary.

The bodies of Obegi, Nyachae, and Omeka were found in the Kijabe forest. Obare was found in Magadi, Kiserian. 

Preliminary investigations signal that the four could have been involved in an online fraud of sorts which is suspected to have led to their macabre killings.

Police have now revealed Obare was once arrested last year after he conned a man of his money in cryptocurrency deals.

He was taken to Kasarani Police Station during which DCI detectives from Ruiru Police Station took over the matter

"The victims were friends and were allegedly involved in online fraud. They call it cryptocurrency. One of them was arrested sometime back after a complainant reported the case. They agreed and the matter was sorted out," Kasarani Police Commander Peter Mwanzo.

The matter was however settled out of court and Obare is said to have cleared the "debt" in May 2021.

{ Renowned blogger Frank Obegi was found dead in Kijabe, Kiambu County.}

Omeka is said to have disappeared first on Tuesday last week. A woman is said to have called Obare on Thursday during which she introduced herself as Maureen and Omeka's wife.

The call, according to Obare's wife Stephanie Mburu, was summoning him to Kasarani police station to make a report on the disappearance of Omeka.

Shockingly, that was last when Obare was seen by his wife. His phone went off on Thursday around 2pm only for his body to be found at Magadi,  Kiserian on Sunday.

It is unclear why Maureen opted to report the matter at Kasarani police station which is near where Obare stayed instead of filing the complaint at Katamaki on the Eastern Bypass where Omeke lived.

Frantic efforts by Obare's family to trace their kin were not successful.

Police who discovered the bodies Obegi, Omeke and Nyachae said they were badly mutilated and in bad shape.

“One of them had been partially eaten by wild animals. Their private parts had been cut off and it seems they died through strangulation. They had no identification documents and were naked,” he said.