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Chebukati on Tuesday alleged that he was offered a bribe by former Jubilee Secretary-General Raphael Tuju to moderate the 2022 Presidential election results. 

Narok Senator Ledama Ole Kina has accused former IEBC chairman Wafula Chebukati of lying to the tribunal investigating suspended commissioner Irene Masit.

In a statement on Wednesday, January 25, Ledama alleged that Chebukati’s testimony was a lie despite him taking an oath.

“Chebukati is a liar …he lied under oath …,” Ledama tweeted.

While appearing before the Justice Aggrey Muchelule-led tribunal on Tuesday, January 24, Chebukati intimated that former Jubilee Secretary-General Raphael Tuju, former Busia Senator Amos Wako and advocate Kyalo Mbobu offered him a bribe to moderate the 2022 presidential elections.

"Tuju said that it was necessary that we moderate these results in favor of Baba and that any contrary declaration of the results would plunge the country into chaos. I understood Baba to be Raila Odinga.

"He said that in the alternative, if it was not possible to moderate the results, then we should ensure that there is a runoff. Tuju said that we consider the request then we shall be rewarded. We did not encourage him to expound the reward," Chebukati stated.

File image of Wafula Chebukati

The ex-IEBC chairman also alleged that commissioner Irene Masit was of the opinion that the 2022 presidential election results be moderated.

"Commissioner Masit agreed with the remarks of Senator Wako and Tuju. That we should moderate the results. I said that the will of the people must be respected and live up to the oath of office," Chebukati added.