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The remarks by Miguna came even as Raila intensifies attacks on the current regime.

Political commentator and Lawyer Miguna Miguna has implored President William Ruto to never ban rallies being held by ODM leader Raila Odinga. 

In a tweet, Miguna explained that the former prime minister and former President Uhuru Kenyatta are seeking a duel with Ruto.

He said the rallies are meant to provoke the president to start attacking them publicly, a 'plan' the lawyer says should not be allowed to materialise.

"Raila Odinga and Uhuru Kenyatta want to goad President William Ruto into a public duel. They want to attract sympathy. The Government should not ban or interfere with their rallies. Instead, let the progressive forces face and counter them peacefully on all fora!" Miguna said in a tweet.

ODM Leader Raila Odinga addressing political rallies. PHOTO | RAILA ODINGA/TWITTER

The remarks by Miguna came even as Raila intensifies attacks on the current regime.

Raila has been holding rallies in select counties, a move aimed at criticising the current regime and the same time raising concerns over the August 9, polls. 

Raila has been claiming that the polls were rigged and that he defeated Ruto with over 5.9 million votes.

On Monday, Raila divulged that he sought the services of hackers abroad to know what had transpired in the August 9, polls.

In an interview with Ramogi TV on Monday, Raila reiterated that the August 9, polls were rigged.

Raila said he had kept mum about the polls to gather data and facts and that is why he sought the services of IT gurus to "ethically hack the IEBC servers" to know the truth.

 “I was hesitant to talk about the results and elections. My intention was to gather facts first before commenting on them. I had to look for ethical hackers to know the truth,” Raila said.

Raila divulged that his hackers had arrived in the country with the machines but owing to the nature of their work, the State tracked them for almost a month forcing them to discharge their mandate outside the country.

“We got them from abroad and they arrived in the country with their machines. At some point they were forced to go to Athi River, some in Kajiado and even Kiambu because they were being tracked for about a month,” he said.

According to Raila, he got to know the truth while in South Africa where he was on a working trip as an AU envoy for Infrastructure.

"“Ruto got 5.9M while Azimio got 8.1M. We won the last election with a margin of 2.2 million,” he said