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The ODM Party has issued a statement regarding the change of party officials in Kakamega County

The Orange Democratic Party (ODM) National Election Board (NEB) has disputed reports alleging a change of party officials in Kakamega County.

In a statement on Monday, April 10, the NEB chairperson Cathrine Mumma clarified that no elections or replacement of party officials would take place without approval from the board.

“The National Elections Board's (NEB) attention has been drawn to numerous media reports both in the mainstream and social media platforms on the alleged change of Party officials in Kakamega County.

“As the Party organ mandated to carryout elections within the Party including the election of Party officials, we wish to remind our Party members, supporters, and the public in general that no election or replacement of officials will take place without the express approval of the NEB as provided for in law,” read the statement in part.

Mumma also stated that the party would carry out grass root elections later this year as agreed during the party’s national delegates convention in February 2022.

File image of ODM leader Raila Odinga

She further stated that anyone who wishes to resign from any position should write formally according to the party's election and nomination rules.

“Should any party official wish to resign or relinquish their position, they are advised to follow the laid down procedure by formally writing to the NEB who will then, pursuant to the Party's Election and Nomination Rules advise on how the position(s) should be filled,” Mumma added.