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Azimio's side went on to announce new steps they have taken as a show of commitment.

Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Alliance's bi-partisan team has expressed dissatisfaction with the manner in which President William Ruto's side is handling the negotiation process.

Addressing the press conference on Thursday, the team led by its Chair Otiende Amollo said they are concerned over the lack of progress from their counterparts.

They said it is shocking that the Kenya Kwanza team is yet to name their co-chair, making it impossible for the Azimio side to know who they will engage over the talks.

Following the development, the Azimio side went on to announce new steps they have taken to make the talks a reality.

President William Ruto addressing Kenya Kwanza PG.

"As a further demonstration of our commitment, we hereby announce that We have prepared a draft framework of engagement to guide the process and we await to engage on the same with our commitment," Otiende announced in a statement side by the Azimio team.

Further, Azimio la Umoja team has named Jubilee SG Jeremiah Kioni and Lawyer Makau Mutua to be the assisting counsel in the bi-partisan talks.

In addition, the Azimio team has announced that they have appointed Lawyer Paul Mwangi to act as joint secretary in the talks.

The Azimio team further asked the Kenya Kwanza Alliance to reconsider the naming of Eldas MP Adan Keynan as part of the Kenya Kwanza bi-partisan team.

"We note that our counterparts have named MP Adan Keynan as part of their team. Keynan is a member of the Azimio coalition. The issue of party discipline is one of the four cardinal issues on the table. His inclusion is in bad faith, unlawful and therefore intended to derail the process. We, therefore, request our counterparts to reconsider and replace Keyanan," he stated.