Editor's Review

Azimio had given the Kenya Kwanza government until Tuesday, May 30 midnight to meet their demands. 

The Azimio la Umoja coalition has adjourned bipartisan talks after the Kenya Kwanza government failed to meet their demands.

Azimio la Umoja bi-partisan talks co-chairperson Otiende Amollo in a letter on Wednesday, May 31 notified his Kenya Kwanza counterpart George Murugara that the opposition coalition had made the decision.

The Rarieda MP also noted that Murugara had failed to sign and submit letters addressed to the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) CEO Hussein Marjan and IEBC selection panel chairperson Nelson Makanda.

“In the circumstances, it is our considered opinion that the appropriate action is to Adjourn The Talks sine die, in accordance with Clause 36 of the Framework Agreement, which we hereby invoked,” the letter read in part.

File image of Otiende Amollo.

Azimio on Tuesday, May 30 gave the Kenya Kwanza government until midnight to agree that all Jubilee Party MPs who have defected to Kenya Kwanza should resign and seek a fresh mandate from the electorate.

“It is our resolution that other than merely committing not to interfere with the affairs of other parties, Kenya Kwanza must agree that all Jubilee MPs who have defected to Kenya Kwanza, in essence, have to face by-elections in line with the constitution,” Azimio stated.

The opposition coalition also demanded that the Finance Bill 2023 and a new one, which is sensitive to the plight of Kenyans, be introduced.

“It is our position that the Finance Bill 2023 as presently crafted must be withdrawn and replaced by a bill that appreciates the suffering of the people of Kenya are going through. The bill must be withdrawn in totality and reintroduced afresh in a manner that is sensitive to the plight of poor Kenyans,” Azimio added.