Editor's Review

Azimio coalition has been threatening to take legal action against IG Koome at the ICC over alleged police brutality.

The National Police Service has described as fake reports indicating that IG Japhet Koome reached out to ODM Leade Raila Odinga about the ICC threat. 

Raila and his Azimio coalition have been threatening to sue Koome at the ICC over alleged police brutality. 

Vihiga Senator Godfrey Osotsi on Monday claimed that the IG has reached out to Rala to convince him not to move to the ICC.

“I have a secret that I would like to bring into the public eye; Koome approached some Azimio lawmakers, asking them to plead with Baba not to implicate him at the ICC,” Senator Osotsi said. 

“Just imagine, he was trying to soothe us we speak to Baba. That’s why he went silent.”

Vihiga Senator Godfrey Osostsi.

But in a rejoinder, NPS has dismissed the report saying it is fake.

"Please note that the following posts being shared through the media are fake news," NPS said in a tweet.

Azimio coalition has blamed IG Koome for alleged police brutality that saw a number of people killed during protests.

Raila's spouse Ida Odinga asked President William Ruto to sack Koome over the deaths recorded even as they maintained that they will pursue legal action at the ICC.