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Senator Khalwale reminded Malalah that he is the UDA secretary general on an interim basis.

Kakamega senator Boni Khalwale has put UDA Secretary General Cleophas Malalah on notice as the ruling party's election nears. 

The lawmaker faulted Malalah for calling for the dissolution of other parties in the ruling Kenya Kwanza coalition to join UDA, reminding him that he holds the secretary-general post on an interim basis.

Khalwale asked Malalah that if it is a must, he should then push for the dissolution of the ANC party to which he formerly belonged.

While pointing out that he recognises Malalah as the secretary-general, Khalwale counseled him to help those in the ANC to be recognised and respected within the Kenya Kwanza coalition.

"We are not seconding him, but we advise him that on the dissolution of parties, he should stick to ANC. He should tell those in ANC to follow him, but he should leave others like Ford Kenya. How is he the secretary general and he is unable to woo his former colleagues into the party he joined?

Kakamega senator Boni Khalwale with UDA SG Cleophas Malala.

At the same time, Khalwale asked the UDA party not to entrust the office of the secretary-general with the role of running the upcoming elections in December.

He said the Election Board in the party would be the one to be charged with running the elections for purposes of transparency. 

President William Ruto on Tuesday, September 12, made an impromptu visit to the UDA party headquarters where he held a meeting with the interim members of the top brass.

Ruto in his capacity as the UDA party leader ordered an audit into the outfit's finance systems and recruitment procedure after claims there was a surge in irregular employment of staffers.

Recently, the ANC party maintained it will not solve to join President William Ruto’s UDA Party.

In a statement on Thursday, September 14, Kakamega County Minority Leader David Ndakwa said the Kenya Kwanza coalition is made up of many parties, unlike Azimio.

"We are not dissolving the ANC party. Kenya Kwanza is a coalition of parties, and we came together to share ideas as a coalition. We are not like Azimio, which is a single party,” Ndakwa stated.

He noted that Kenyan politics I still local and breaking the ANC party will limit Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi’s bargaining power in 2027.

"We haven't reached the point of saying we are dissolving parties. At this moment we want to support President William Ruto until 2032. By 2027, as the Mulembe nation, we should sit down with our respective parties to have bargaining power for another five years,” he added.