Editor's Review

The upper legislative house has embarked on holding sittings outside Nairobi.

The Senate is set to take its proceedings to Turkana County between September 25 and 29.

Dubbed Senate Mashinani, the initiative is aimed at enlightening the public on the roles of the Upper House which routinely sits in the Nairobi capital.

According to the legislative house, constituents of the North Rift county will have five days of interacting with the lawmakers therein as they deliberate on the issues pertinent to the country.

Members of the public will be at their own liberty to attend the sessions to be held in the county's administrative headquarters in Lodwar Town.

As per the 2010 Constitution, the Upper House, just like the National Assembly, can hold sittings at any place within Kenya and may commence at any time that the House appoints.

Senators in a past session in Nairobi.
The Senate constitutes the two legislative houses recognised by the Constitution.

It comprises 47 members each elected by the registered voters of the counties.

Other are 16 women members nominated by political parties according to their proportion of the elected members, two members of both genders representing the youth and two others representing persons with disabilities.