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“The Senate should offer a six month training for the County Assembly of Meru."

Narok Senator Ledama Olekina now says the Senate should offer a six-month training to the Meru County Assembly.

In an update via Twitter on Monday, November 6, Ledama pointed out that there would be routine wrangles if the assembly is not offered the training.

“The Senate should offer a six month training for the County Assembly of Meru otherwise this will be a six month ritual,” said Ledama.

This comes days after Meru Members of the County Assembly unanimously impeached Governor Kawira Mwangaza for the second time in less than a year since she was elected.

The first term governor is being accused of gross misconduct, misuse of public funds, and contempt of the county assembly.

File image of the Senate.

The Meru MCAs are also accusing Governor Kawira of favoring unqualified relatives for official duties abroad and key county positions, making illegal appointments against court orders, and not adhering to proper recruitment procedures, including naming a public road after her husband without following statutory procedures.

Kawira was first impeached in December 2022 but survived after an 11-member Senate Special Committee appointed to probe the grounds for her impeachment stated that the accusations that had been leveled against her were not proven.

The independent governor’s fate now lies with the Senate which will either overtun or uphold her removal.

The impeachment motion will be heard in the Senate plenary after the majority wing countered the minority side's attempt to have the case heard by a special committee of 11 members.