Editor's Review

“Some of you may be forgetting we said we are unbwogable and unpangwable." 

Azimio la Umoja leader Raila Odinga was on Wednesday, February 28 forced to address the issue of succession in the coalition as he eyes the African Union Commission (AUC) chairman position.

This is after former Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu asked the opposition chief during the Homa Bay County International Investment Conference how he has planned for his succession.

Ngilu urged the former premier to organize the Azimio coalition before he exits the political scene.

"Baba, how have you arranged? How have you planned? I have been told to avoid politics here, but I don't think I can avoid it, and I know many of you will not ask. I have been with Baba for all my years in politics, so I will ask him. He should explain to us,” said Ngilu.

She added, “When a child leaves their mother or when a father leaves a child, they must plan for them. So, I want to ask you, Baba, organize us well. You organized us in 2002; you must do it again so that we know how to take this country forward."

File image of Charity Ngilu.

Raila in response in response told the Azimio coalition to avoid any fears saying he is not going anywhere.

The ODM leader noted that if he succeeds for the AU chairmanship, Addis Ababa is not away from Nairobi and will be available when called upon.

“I am not going away Addis Ababa is only two hours away from Nairobi, I am available and whenever I am called, I will answer. I am ready to work with you people but what is important is that we must ensure what we set out to do is eventually achieved and accomplished,” said Raila.

He further said the Azimio coalition is unbwogable and does not need to be organized.

“Some of you may be forgetting we said we are unbwogable and unpangwable… therefore have no fear at all we will get there,” Raila added.