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"President Museveni said he will be the one to propose me as the chair of the African Union Commission." 

Azimio la Umoja leader Raila Odinga has shed new details on his meeting with President William Ruto and Yoweri Museveni in Uganda on Monday.

Speaking on Wednesday, February 28 during the Homa Bay County International Investment Conference Raila said he had talked with Museveni and planned for a meeting to go and ask for his support.

He noted that President Ruto had also scheduled a meeting with the Ugandan President to discuss the oil importation saga between the two nations.

“I have been running around trying to get support from different heads of state I was with some in Namibia the other day and I went to the President of Uganda after I had talked to him to go and ask for his support and then we met there with Mr. Ruto who had also gone there to talk about the issues they are having with oil the g-to-g. He was with his minister for energy,” said Raila.

The opposition chief revealed that they talked about his candidature for the African Union Commission chairmanship and asked the two Presidents to back him.

File image of President William Ruto and Azimio leader Raila Odinga. 

Raila mentioned that President Museveni offered to propose him for the AU top job.

“After we talked about my candidature, they talked about the issue of oil among themselves but I asked for their support and both of them agreed that they would support me. President Museveni said he will be the one to propose me as the chair of the African Union Commission,” Raila added.

Raila’s explanation comes a day after President Ruto said his decision to back the Azimio chief was aimed at unifying the nation.

Ruto who was in Homa Bay noted that no one should be excluded from the government despite political affiliations.

“There are things I told you guys and you thought it was a joke. Now, you can see it wasn't a joke. I told you that we would organize everything thoroughly, and no one would be a loser. We will plan so that everyone gets a little share, and then we can move forward. We pray that it all works out as planned,” said Ruto.