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"We can not be mentored forever, just like you can not stay in school forever," Dennis Itumbi.

Kenya Kwanza social media activist Dennis Itumbi has responded to Embakasi North MP James Gakuya after he cautioned him over the alleged plot to frustrate Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua. 

Gakuya had on Sunday last week warned Itumbi over what he termed as generational change which he claimed the blogger was using to spoil the unity of Mt Kenya region.

But in a long post on Facebook on Monday, May 27, the blogger told the lawmaker that their call for generational change was meant for learning from mentorship.

Itumbi, however, added that the younger generation cannot be students forever.

"Ndugu mheshimiwa Gakuya, our call for generational change is not about disregarding the past but learning and benefitting from mentorship. We can not be mentored forever. Just Like you can not stay in school forever.

"Generational Change is just a voice of the majority saying, we appreciate those before us for their guidance and achievements, but we have come of age and we are ready to take our positions in business, careers and politics," Itumbi stated.

File photo of Embakasi North MP James Gakuya.

Gakuya had asked Itumbi to slow with his colleagues claiming that Mt Kenya was behind the DP.

"We are behind the deputy president. We won't tolerate any plan from other regions to frustrate the deputy president. There are young people being misused. I want to tell one of our own, Dennis Itumbi to go slow with his colleagues. He says he makes presidents, does he think he will tell us who next will be our president? They should seek guidance. They should not be misused by those outside the mountain," Gakuya remarked.

The DP's efforts to rally the Mt Kenya region behind him have encountered stumbling blocks as elected leaders dissent from him to pick their preferred sides.

Meanwhile, on Saturday, May 25, Gachagua alleged that a section of leaders close to President Ruto was trying to mislead him. 

The DP claimed that some Rift Valley leaders were interfering with the leadership of Mt Kenya.