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The implementation of the plan will cost Sh353.9 billion. 

The National Housing Corporation (NHC) on Monday, May 27 unveiled the 2023-2027 strategic plan and a new logo at the Bomas of Kenya in Nairobi as part of celebrations to commemorate its 70 years in the housing sector. 

The event was graced by Head of Public Service Felix Koskei, Lands Cabinet Secretary Alice Wahome and other government officials, corporate leaders, and key partners in the construction industry. 

Speaking during the event, Koskei said the government is committed to expanding the capacity of the NHC to meet the growing demand for affordable housing and ensure the delivery of high-quality services to Kenyans.

“To achieve this, we are encouraging public-private partnerships to leverage additional resources and expertise. We are also reviewing and updating policies to create a more conducive environment for housing development. Our aim is to ensure that every citizen has access to safe, affordable, and decent housing,” said Koskei.

CS Wahome congratulated the Corporation for its role in providing housing for Kenyans for the last 70 years.

National Housing Corporation Rebranding at the Bomas of Kenya.

She noted that the National Housing Corporation has played a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of housing in Kenya.

“Through this rebranding initiative, the Corporation seeks to modernize its operations, enhance its service delivery, and build stronger partnerships with stakeholders across the public and private sectors,” Wahome stated.

State Department of Housing and Urban Development Principal Secretary Charles Hinga on his part said the Kenya Kwanza government will deliver the affordable housing project noting that over 103,000 units are under construction.

“With National Housing Corporation, the government and now the National Housing board we will deliver on this mandate, you can trust your money is safe and that in this country as long as you are willing to work and put a descent shift you will have a decent roof over your head. That is a promise we intend to keep. As of today, we have close to 103,000 units under construction and others under contracting,” Hinga stated.

NHC CEO David Mathu said the new 2023-2027 strategic plan is anchored on five key result areas (KRA) namely Housing Development, Resource Mobilization & Financial Management, Estate Management, Research & Innovation, and Corporate Sustainability.

Mathu mentioned that the corporation would construct 100,000 units under the Affordable Housing Programme, 5,000 units under the commercial band and a further 5,000 as student hostel rooms commonly known as bedsitters.

“The Government plans to do one million housing units by the end of the financial year 2027/2028. Of this, the Corporation will undertake to construct 110,000 units: 100,000 units will be under the Affordable Housing Programme, 5,000 units under the commercial band and a further 5,000 as student hostel rooms commonly known as bedsitters,” said the NHC CEO.

NHC CEO David Mathu.

He also pointed out that the rebranding of NHC undertaking is not merely about changing colour, logo or slogan; it is about reimagining our organization and the role we play in society. It is about communicating our values, our vision and our commitment to excellence in everything we do

NHC has aligned the 2023-2027 strategic plan to the Government policies, frameworks and manifesto, vision 2030 development blueprint and has identified various strategies to address the challenges experienced during the implementation of the previous plan; the key being financial resource constraints.

The implementation of the plan will cost Sh353.9 billion. NHC will mobilize Sh316.7 billion from external sources that will include collaborations, Housing Levy and Strategic Partnerships, Sh12.9 billion bank borrowings and the balance of Sh24.3 billion will be sourced internally.