Editor's Review

According to Senator Cherargei, the government should offer reasons why one ought to be vaccinated instead of forcing them to get the jab.

Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei has criticized Ministry of Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe's new directive on Covid-19 vaccination, terming it illegal.

On Sunday, November 21, CS Kagwe directed that effective December 21, 2021,  all Kenyans who need in-person government services must show proof of vaccination.

Reacting to the directive, Senator Cherargei noted that the government should educate Kenyans on the benefits of getting vaccinated as opposed to using threats.

Ministry of Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe and other government officials. [Photo: Courtesy]

“Trying to do what Europe and America is doing by producing certificates is not the right direction considering the nature of Kenyans. It is only opening another avenue of corruption.

"When there was curfew there were many allegations of enforcement agencies using the opportunity to extort people, and this will be another avenue if we are not careful. The country is currently politically charged also. It is very important to work with political actors to tell their supporters the importance of it, as opposed to forcing them,” Cherargei remarked.

While issuing the directive, CS Kagwe noted that the same will affect restaurants, Bars and other entertainment joints serving more than 50 people.

“If you are a bar owner don't wait until you are slapped with a heavy fine, ensure all coming in have proof of vaccination,”Kagwe warned.