Editor's Review

  • The directive comes after florists invaded designated walkways. 
  • The florists have been directed to vacate with immediate effect. 

You wil no longer be able to buy flowers within the streets of Nairobi after a directive from the Nairobi Metropolitan boss General Mohammed Badi. 

Badi, in a directive issued on Friday, stated that florists risk being arrested if they turn walkways and cycling paths into display areas within the Central Business District. 

The florists have been directed to leave the sidewalks with immediate effect as per the directive published in all dailies. 

He further stated that those licensed to have such displays should place the plants at least two meters away from the walkways.

“Selling and displaying seedlings and flowers on pedestrian and cyclists’ pathways is prohibited and anyone having such plants on Non-Motorized Traffic (NMT) corridors should remove them forthwith. Where one is licensed to have such display, plants should be two meters away from the walkways,” he said.

Major Badi also said it had come to his attention that unauthorized officers are illegally allocating picking and dropping bays for Public Service Vehicles (PSVs).

He notes that the move is a total disregard of NMS orders to allow the review of the decongestion strategy.

“No person or officer is authorized to allocate, and or assign picking/dropping bay including parking slots without written authorization from Director Roads, Transport and Public Works upon approve by the Office of the Director General,” he stated.

“Any request for allocation or assignment of picking/dropping bay and parking slot will undergo scrutiny from the committee appointed by NMS to undertake this function. Any purported approval granted without following this procedure is null and void.”

Since the formation of NMS, General Badi has been on improving service delivery.

However, the DG is facing opposition from Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko who claims the entity is illegal.