Editor's Review

  • 38 students from one school have tested positive for Covid-19.

  • Other students held in quarantine, according to the county government

Kilifi county has reported that 38 students from Marafa Secondary School tested positive for Covid-19.

Speaking to the press, Governor Amason Kingi said the rate of infections had reached alarming rates and was now moving into the recently re-opened schools.

“We have started getting so many cases, especially in schools, Marafa Secondary School is one case where 38 cases were tested in a day,” Governor Kingi said.

“This is a call to all of us to follow these rules and guidelines so that we can defeat the virus if we don’t, it is not just this school but the entire county that will be in trouble,” he continued.

He further disclosed that students who had tested positive have been placed under isolation at the school adding that the county government will provide food and medication for them during the quarantine period.

“We are not got allowing these cases to spread the way it is happening, if people do not follow these rules, we will be forced to impose a cessation of movement to protect our citizens,” Governor Kingi said.

On Monday, Kenya confirmed 559 more COVID-19 cases bringing the total number of infections to 70,804.