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The Mathare MP hopeful has broken his silence after the incident.

Musician Kelvin Kioko, popularly known as Bahati, has broken his silence over an incident where he was roughed up at an Azimio rally on Monday in Nairobi.

In a statement on his social media platforms on Tuesday, July 5, Bahati claimed that ODM secretary general Edwin Sifuna ended the rally prematurely when he wanted to address his supporters.

The Mathare MP hopeful claimed that it was against the will of the people who wanted him to speak, wondering why some Azimio leaders were against him.

“When Sifuna and his losing friend saw the incoming Mathare MP Bahati Kioko has arrived and the crowd was demanding to hear me speak, they decided to end the meeting pre-maturely against the will of the people.

“Lakini Mungu halali. Ata Mkinidhulumu watu wa Mathare wameamua kura watapea mtoto wa Mathare. Lakini mbona hawa wazee Wwote wanakasirishwa na huyu kijana mdogo?” Bahati wondered.

{Bahati with Martha Karua.}

The meeting had been attended by Azimio top leaders in Nairobi and in a video clip seen by Nairobileo.co.ke, some leaders gestured at Bahati to exit their makeshift dais mounted on their car.

When the singer alighted, he was roughed up by a group of men before his security intervened.

This comes even as Bahati and Sifuna were embroiled in a verbal war after the ODM secretary general said that Azimio had agreed on Mathare MP Anthony Oluoch as their candidate in the August polls.

However, the Jubilee candidate hit back at Azimio saying that he will not step down for the incumbent and that his name will be on the ballot.