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"Nilikua nimefurahia sana na nikasema kweli, mungu amesikia maombi yangu. Lakini sasa ameenda."

The family of a Kenyan lady who drowned in a swimming pool in Canada is struggling to come to terms with her tragic demise.

Hellen Nyabuto was recording herself live on social media swimming when the tragic struck.

She was working as a nurse in Canada and had finished her shift  when she opted to go for swimming.

Viral video of her swimming shows that the 24-year-old was enjoying the moment before she dived into a deep end of the pool never to make it back alive.

Friends and family of the deceased converged at her home in Kisii where they mourned the late.

The father said the daughter was always determined to go overseas to pursue greener pastures.

Upon completion of her high school studies, she begun the process of going abroad even  whenhe wanted her to rewind her studies, the father narrated to the media.

John Nyabuto, his wife Alice Oanda and daughter Riziki Monyenye . PHOTO | COURTESY

John Nyabuto said the daughter was their breadwinner she could occasionally send them money that they used to educate her siblings.

He termed her death as a big blow to the family as they relied on her for a brighter future.

"Nilikua nimefurahia sana na nikasema kweli, mungu amesikia maombi yangu. Lakini sasa ameenda. Sijui ni nani atanisaidia," the father said between tears while addressing the press at their home in Bomachoge Chache, Kisii county.

The mother Alice Oanda also expressed her sadness over Hellen's death.

She said it is four years since they last saw each other after she left for Canada.

"Nimepoteza mtoto wangu ambae nilikua nampenda na yeye alikua ananipenda. Tulikua tunaongea tuu na yeye kwa simu," she said,

The family has now appealed to Kenyans and well-wishers to step in and help them transport the body to Kenya for burial.

They said they have no means of bringing her body back to Kenya for burial.