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Both Kamene and Shaffie Weru worked at the Radio Africa Group before they left in a controversial manner.

Celebrated Radio personalities Shaffie Weru and Kamene Goro have landed new jobs at NRG Radio. 

The duo will be hosting NRG Transit together with DJ Pierra Makena. 

Though it is not yet clear whether the show will run every day of the week save for the weekend, a poster shared by Kamene indicated that it will be live in Studio on Friday from 3 pm to 7 pm.

Breaking the news to her fans, Kamene on Wednesday, April 26, said:

"Good morning my loves! Shaffie Weru, Pierra Makena; do you think they are ready for this one" she posed.

DJ Pierra Makena. PHOTO | COURTESY

Both Kamene and Shaffie Weru worked at the Radio Africa Group. 

Kamene worked for Kiss 100 Fm for three years until February 2023 when she disclosed that her contract ended and opted not to renew. 

Shaffie Weru on the other part worked for Homeboyz FM before he was fired in a controversial manner.

He had been at the company for about 16 years.

Shaffie is currently in court pursuing his compensation where he is demanding Sh21 million from the company including charges of wrongful dismissal.