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"As a mother, I feel Kenyans are becoming too much. This can't be the daily headline."

Kenyan Singer Esther Akoth, alias Akothee, has told off critics who have been attacking Cabinet Secretary Ababu Namwamba and digital Content Creator Azziad Nasenya over allegations of having a romantic relationship.  

In a message she shared on her social media, Akothee told off Kenyans saying they are becoming too much.

According to the singer, there are more important issues Kenyans should pay attention to rather than the relationship between Ababu and Azziad. 

"As A mother, I feel Kenyans are becoming too much. This can't be the daily headline. We have more serious issues to attend to. And by the way Who is claiming Azziad and who is claiming the CS?" 

Azziad Nasenya, Akothee, and her Husband while preparing for the singer's wedding.

According to Akothee, when reports of their dating escalated, she reached out to Azziad and inquired whether they were indeed dating. 

"Mummy, and what is wrong with dating the CS if he is single and ready to mingle? I told her if you like him & He likes you Go for it kwani ni kesho," Akothee says she told Azziad.

In a rejoinder, Azziad said:

"No Mommy, we have nothing. Currently, I am working on my career." 

The comments come barely a week after Ababu denied dating Azziad.

"No. Azziad is not my girlfriend. I actually feel so bad and sorry for the poor girl," Ababu said in an interview with a local publication. 

"You know me I have been in the trenches and when you work in public spaces you grow the skin of a crocodile, covered by Hipo covered by a skin of a Buffalo. People who have not circulated in this space go through it," he said.