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"Mutukufu Rais, vijana kwetu wanajinyonga sana, juu ya stress ya kukosa pesa mfukoni," she said. 

Popular Kikuyu Musician Loise Kim has requested President William Ruto to reinstate Kazi Mtaani which was started during the tenure of former President Uhuru Kenyatta.

In a statement via Facebook on Friday, November 3, the musician claimed that due to the tough economic times, a section of youth in the Mt Kenya region has resorted to committing suicide. 

"Mutukufu Rais, vijana kwetu wanajinyonga sana, juu ya stress ya kukosa pesa mfukoni. Kuna ile kazi kwa vijana mashinani. twakuomba kwa heshima, uwarudishie,'' she reqested teh President.  

President Ruto terminated the Kazi Mtaani programme in October 2022 after terming the project obsolete stating that it did not provide adequate income and opportunities for the youth.

"Kaazi Mtaani is now outdated, the Kaazi Mtaani of collecting garbage will not be the case, the building will now be our business and the first people to get jobs in this project will be from Kibra. The housing programme is not just about houses, it also gives us an opportunity for employment.

"Those who were employed in Kazi Mtaani were 500 from each ward, through this programme, we will have employment opportunities for 2500 youths," Ruto announced while terminating the programme. 

Loise Kim's attracted mixed reactions from Kenyans. Here are some of the comments;