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"May God bless this young girl. You deserve the best," MP Peter Salasya.

Mumias East MP Peter Salasya has invited a woman who showed interest in being his wife for lunch at Parliament buildings.

The first-time lawmaker shared a photo of the woman on social media on Monday, October 17, promising her a lunch offer on Tuesday.

In the photo, the young woman was holding a placard that she used to request Salaysa to marry her even as she shared her contact details on it.

The MP congratulated the lady for her bold step, noting that it takes courage for one to speak their mind.

"It takes courage and brave to speak your mind in broad light. I congratulate her for the steps .May God Bless this young Girl. You deserve the best .Tomorrow I invite you for a lunch in the parliament buildings .You will have a privilege to have lunch with members," Salasya said.

PPeter Salasya. PHOTO | COURTESY

Previously, the lawmaker said that he was looking for an intelligent and prayerful woman to marry.

He further said that the woman must be focused and be ready to travel upcountry and campaign for him.

"I am intelligent and strong. I was able to convince people to vote for me. I am not someone who can be swayed. I am looking for a prayerful woman. Someone who is focused and very supportive. Someone who is willing to go upcountry and campaign," he said. 

The MP has attracted a lot of mixed reactions on social media recently for the manner in which he carries himself.

Salasya is yet to marry and he is one of the youthful MPs elected in the 13th Parliament.

He was elected on a DAP-K party ticket, an affiliate of the Azimio La Umoja coalition.