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He has mastered DP Gachagua’s walking style, facial expressions and common words and phrases he uses like 'state capture' 'freedom and 'liberate'.

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua alias Riggy G, has been one of the most discussed personalities on social media ever since he and President William Ruto ascended to power. 

Some of the most discussed topics around the DP include his choice of dressing, how he articulates his issues, and his fearlessness in speaking what he believes in.

His mode of articulating issues has seen several netizens attempt to mimic him, but one Zachariah Kariuki alias KK Mwenyewe has taken the country by storm thanks to his perfect mimics of the second in command.

But, who is KK Mwenyewe?

Zachariah Kariuki alias KK Mwenyewe is a comedian and content creator. He is most popular on TikTok thanks to his hilarious videos mimicking Riggy G.

On TikTok he has over 98,000 followers and close to a million likes, making him one of the fast-rising content creators on the platform.

KK Mwenyewe is a third-year student at Kisii University. Speaking during an interview with Dr. Ofweneke on TV 47, KK divulged that he is studying Computer Science.

“I am a computer science student, people don’t think that I do that course, they think I’m a joker,” he said in his Riggy G character voice.

Explaining what inspired him to study hard and join campus, KK jokingly stated that his school teachers told them beautiful girls are in university, so he studied hard to ensure he gets admission in order to interact with them.

How did KK Mwenyewe Start Mimicking Riggy G?

Speaking during a recent interview with Citizen Digital, KK Mwenyewe said his friends pushed him into mimicking DP Gachagua.

He was not sure whether he’ll pull it off, but after consistent pressure from his friends, he decided to join an online challenge and emerged as an internet sensation with most of his videos going viral.

"It came super easy for me. My friends advised me to take up the Gachagua challenge and I pulled it off. I then decided to keep it up since everyone seems to be enjoying them so much," he told the publication.

To ensure he fits the role and creates a perfect impression of the DP, he uses a fake belly, and oversize clothing that match Riggy G’s fashion sense.

He has also mastered DP Gachagua’s walking style, facial expressions, and common words and phrases he uses,  and the context within which he uses them.

Some of the common phrases that never miss in his skits and which the DP is commonly known for include “State capture, conversation, liberation, freedom, Mwai Kibaki, David Murathe, Karanja Kibicho and Hustlers among others.

His perfect mimic of the DP has seen him work with among others celebrated Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi who has featured him in some of his viral political skits.

His skits have caught the attention of many including Azimio la Umoja-One Kenya 2022 presidential running mate Martha Karua who shared one of his projects on Twitter, lauding him and his team for the piece.

Although he has been trending in Kenya all-through September 2022, he is yet to bag any major deals, but is hopeful that clients will come knocking soon.

He also divulged that by September 21, when he undertook the interview with TV 47, he was yet to meet Riggy G or anyone on his team, adding his dream is to meet DP Gachagua and have a one-on-one with him.