The woman who is accused of framing her husband for allegedly defiling their daughter has finally shared her side of the story. 

According to Jackline Nzilani, she did not frame her ex-husband Julius Wambua as widely perceived.

According to Nzilani, she is ready to face the court and maintain her truth regarding the matter. 

“I’m not afraid of anything as I’ve no regrets over what happened to him [Wambua]. I’m ready to face the court and testify as I swear I never coached Mwende [her daughter] to lie,” said Nzilani.

Nzilani is accused of having coached her daughter to lie in court that her ex-husband had sexually abused her.

Wambua was freed last Thursday after Dorcas Mwende, the daughter in question, recanted her testimony.

Speaking to the press on Tuesday, Nzilani maintained that she has no regrets over Wambua’s imprisonment, but regrets the feeling of betrayal by her two daughters; Mwikali and Mwende.

“We were living close to each other. Mwikali and Mwende were living together after she had broken up with her first husband. That is where the plan was hatched and it only hit me when I started getting calls from Citizen TV,” she recounts.

However, Ms. Nzilani notes that despite the release of Mr. Wambua, there is no love lost between the two as she does not want to set her eyes on him again.