Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja has revisited his arrest for flouting Covid-19 regulations, noting that the incident has changed his life.

In an exclusive interview with Daily Nation, Sakaja divulged that since the arrest, he has not been able to visit a club.

“…I have not been to a club since then,” he said.

Weighing in on the effects of the guidelines, Sakaja called for relaxation of the Covid-19 measures, arguing that creatives who rely on entertainment joints and public gatherings are suffering.

“…I apologised and atoned. But I think we should relax some of the rules because people are suffering. Artistes, entertainers and others do not have a livelihood. Some artists are selling even their guitars and pianos. We can strike a balance,” he said.

Senator Sakaja was in July 2020 arrested at a Kilimani bar for flouting the curfew hours set by the government.

According to a police report, an anonymous tip was filed regarding a bar, namely Ladies Lounge, that was operating way past the curfew hours.

Upon visiting the bar to confirm the claim, an officer found Senator Sakaja among a group of 10 people seated outside drinking.

Following the arrest, Sakaja apologized for breaching the Covid-19 protocols and resigned from his position as Chairperson of Senate Adhoc Committee on Covid-19 Response Committee.

“I take full responsibility for having flouted Covid-19 rules on Friday. I was outside my home after 9 pm and that is against the [Covid-19 containment] rules. It is regrettable but all of us make mistakes.