Police are looking for a group of daring criminals who made an attempt to steal from the office of the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) and the sub-county treasury office in Suba.

The thieves failed to break into the two offices but managed to steal valuables from another office and local shops within Magunga trading centre.

Suba Deputy County Commissioner Joseph Maina said the suspects escaped after they saw a police officer within the compound approaching them.

“The DCI office is in the same building with the sub-county treasury office. We are not sure which office they were intending to break into,” he said.

A pair of pliers and other cutting tools were found at the doorstep of the office.

The robbers also broke into Magunga Youth Empowerment Centre, which is located within the same compound and stole musical instruments.

Residents of Magunga reported break-ins into their businesses during this time.