In an apparent reaction to President Uhuru Kenyatta, Deputy President William Ruto has explained why he supported the Head of State thrice.

Speaking on Sunday, Ruto said he supported Uhuru knowing well that he was from the Kikuyu community and was the son of a former President. 

Ruto made the remarks at House of Hope Church in Kayole where he noted that the next head of state will be elected on their policies and not based on their ethnicity.

He further used the opportunity to hit out at the handshake brigade saying there are some waiting to be given the presidency in boardrooms.

“I supported Uhuru not because of his tribe. I supported him not because he was representing his tribe,” Ruto said.

The DP was reacting to President Kenyatta who declared on Saturday that maybe its time to support a candidate outside Mount Kenya and the Kalenjin community.

Uhuru said that Kenya has been led by only two communities since independence and that it might be the time for other communities that have not tasted leadership to take over. 

The President said those who feel tired of his leadership are free to seek a new chance through the ballot.

Uhuru further said the handshake was meant to unite the nation after the heightened political temperatures that were brought about by the disputed 2017 elections.