Senate Majority Whip Irungu Kang’ata has reacted to a recent dress down by President Uhuru Kenyatta over his letter regarding the popularity of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) in Mt Kenya region.

Speaking to a local daily, Senator Kang’ata noted that he still holds the same viewpoint and is ready for any consequences including de-whipping.

He, however, noted that he will not engage the Head of State in an exchange over the letter as respects him.

“If it comes to that (de-whipping), I will abide by the decision made by my party.

“I urge all to exercise honesty and truthfulness. Let us first acknowledge that my letter has ignited some action. I only echoed cumulative information that had been brought to my attention from public acquaintances, career peers and my supporters… he is my boss, I respect him and his government,” Kang’ata said.

Reports indicate that Senator Kang’ata will have a presser later today to conclusively address the issue .

Meanwhile, President Kenyatta on Saturday poured cold water on Senator Kang’ata’s BBI letter, stating that he is in control and does not need lecturers on how to run his government.

“Waandike ile mabarua wanataka kuandikaandika (let them write whatever letters they wish to) I am in charge of this government and I am in control of what we are doing.

“Msione simba amenyeshewa mkadhani ni paka…There is a season for everything…we believe in democracy… I do not want anyone to lecture me. I know where I am and I am very clear about where I am going… No one will stop me in my quest to bring Kenyans together because that is the most important thing,” he said.