Reports have emerged that three parliamentarians are stranded in Kapedo awaiting security reinforcement in the hostile area amid attacks.

The Members of Parliament are stuck in the hostile region following the killing of a General Service Unit (GSU) operation commander Emadadu Abakol on Sunday, January 17, 2021, by bandits.

Those stranded are Turkana East MP Mohammed Lokiru, Turkana South MP James Lomenen, and Turkana Central MP John Lodebe who were at Kapedo on a peace mission.

MP Lokiru who spoke to a local radio station described the events that led to the killing of the GSU commander shortly after the peace meeting.

Attacks in Kapedo

“Yesterday before the attack, I was with other local leaders and security officers from Nairobi led by the deceased officer for a meeting at Kapedo on matters insecurity," the MP said.

"After the meeting, the officer decided to leave via the Baringo route. The first batch of the officers was attacked at Ameya, Tiaty Sub-County where an officer was injured. The GSU boss dashed to the scene for reinforcement and before he arrived at the scene, he and his officers encountered another ambush where he was shot dead,” he continued.

Lokiru said that they are stuck at the Kapedo trading centre as they can neither travel via the Lokori route or the Ameyan way over fear of being ambushed by the bandits.