Jubilee party National Management Committee has recommended to National Executive Council that Deputy President William Ruto be removed as the Party's deputy leader.

Speaking on Friday during a presser at the Head Quarters in Pangani, Jubilee Party Secretary-General Raphael Tuju said DP Ruto is no longer welcome to the party offices claiming that he ceased being the deputy party leader the moment he sanctioned the opening of the Jubilee Asili Centre.

"The DP, a self-declared 2022 presidential candidate, will not be allowed to use the party headquarters as a centre of operationalization of his campaigns and for intimidation," the Jubilee secretary-general.

According to Tuju, DP Ruto's visit to the party's office on Thursday almost caused a confrontation with MPs allied to him.

Absent At President's Event

Tuju also took a dig at DP Ruto over his absence at the COVID-19 conference where he was included in the program.

"...during the Covid-19 conference, with his seat remaining conspicuously empty throughout the event where he was included in the programme to make remarks and according to State protocol then invite the president to address the conference," Sec-Gen Tuju stated.

"For such travesty, the only thing we have received from the DP's camp are tweets from his allies rubbing salt into the injury," he added.