ODM leader Raila Odinga has continued his onslaught against the wheelbarrow narrative being championed by Deputy President William Ruto. 

The former premier during a meeting with members of the county assembly (mcas) on Tuesday, said that asking the youth to push wheelbarrows equaled to telling them to survive and not live. 

"Asking the youth to forget about work and instead push WHEELBARROWS or ride Boda Bodas for the rest of their lives is asking them to SURVIVE not LIVE," he stated. 

Odinga added, "This is the CONVERSATION they want us not to have but one that we MUST have. I have spoken to Kenyans of all ages and social status. The majority of them don’t really fear for themselves but for their children. Parents fear the possibility of their children inheriting the difficulties they have gone through over the years or even worse. 

Opposition chief Raila Odinga during a meeting with ODM MCAs

The opposition chief also warned of escalating violence and tension as the country gears towards the 2022 General Election. 

"Already drums of war are being sounded and it is easy to tell how it will end," Raila said. We have to decide whether we want violence after every election cycle," Odinga warned. 

The former prime minister supported the proposal to extend car grants to MCAs during the meeting.