Traders in the city under their umbrella body the Nairobi Business Community have urged all leaders to respect President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Through their chairman Wilfred Kamau, the traders in a recent presser noted that several leaders have been insulting President Kenyatta and it is time that the same comes to an end.

According to Kamau, it is important to respect the Presidency even if you do not agree or like the officeholder.

“The President is a symbol of unity of this country. President Uhuru Kenyatta is the symbol of the country’s unity. He deserves respect. You may not like him as a person but the presidency must be respected.

“If you don’t like Uhuru, respect the Office of the President. Politicians should desist from insulting the President. It will reach a boiling point where he, together with us, won’t be silent any longer; we will say enough is enough,” Kamau declared. 

Kamau cautioned that if leaders continue disrespecting the President, members of the Nairobi Business Community will take unspecified action against them.

The group further noted that the rising political temperatures in the country are not good as they can plunge Kenya into worse violence than was witnessed in 2007 after the disputed election.

"The politics of today seems to be changing and transforming the elements of politics that we know in this country… We are here today to ask the political divide to cool down the pressure that is there which might bring this country to anarchy. Anarchy follows wanton destruction of property and loss of lives.

“We have seen it in other countries, we have seen it here, especially when we talk about the narratives of the hustlers versus dynasties. You remember well in Germany the era of Hitler was the hustlers’ nation kind of a thing; the Jews were the dynasties. He made six million Jews to be killed,” Kamau said.

The traders assured President Kenyatta of their support, adding that they’ll ensure that the Building Bridge Initiative (BBI) is passed in Nairobi.

The Nairobi Business Community is remembered for countering ODM's protests in the city after the 2017 election.