Deputy President William Ruto on Saturday opined that he is not cowed by a plan to remove him from his role as Jubilee Party Leader.

Speaking on Friday during a presser at the Head Quarters in Pangani, Jubilee Party Secretary-General Raphael Tuju noted that the party’s National Management Committee has recommended to National Executive Council that Ruto be removed as the Jubilee deputy party leader.

“…the NMC has recommended to the NEC that the DP ceases to be Deputy Party Leader after he opened the so called Jubilee Asili offices that is reserved for him and his allies until such a time that this development of Jubilee Asili is discussed at the NEC,” Tuju said.

Tuju further noted that Ruto has been banned from using the party Headquarters to operationalize his 2022 presidential bid.

"We would like to be absolutely clear, that we serve one President at a time. The DP, a self-declared 2022 presidential candidate, will not be allowed to use the party HQ as a centre of operationalization of his campaigns and for intimidation," Tuju said.

"The NMC has resolved that the Deputy President will not use the party headquarters for his brand of so called hustler politics. We will not allow an attempted power grab as happened yesterday," he added.

DP Ruto reacts to planned ouster

Reacting to the Tuju’s announcement, Ruto noted that no amount of intimidation will prevent him from supporting Kenyans who are struggling to make ends meet.

“I have heard some people saying they do not want ‘hustlers’ at the Jubilee headquarters. It is okay, but the conversation on the empowerment of poor Kenyans is unstoppable. All the noises you are hearing are because the country is experiencing labour pains. We are in the process of delivering a new conversation in Kenya,” he said as quoted by Nation.