Government spokesperson Cyrus Oguna on Wednesday said the second phase of Huduma Namba registration will begin by the end of April.

He was speaking during an update on Huduma Namba roll out an exercise where he revealed that 37 million Kenyans had so far registered for Huduma Namba.

“During phase one we managed to register 37 million Kenyans. Out of these 20 million are adults. 17 million are people below the age of 18," Oguna said.

Col Oguna further disclosed that 2.2 million messages have been sent to different card owners urging them to collect the crucial documentation.

The government spokesperson expressed concern regarding the number of Kenyans who responded, noting that just about 300,000 Kenyans have replied to messages requiring them to pick up the cards.

Con men

“A few of just get this message and perhaps just ignore it. We are asking Kenyans that when you get this message please respond to it so that it makes it easy to be assisted,” he stated.

Oguna also warned that unscrupulous individuals are out to take advantage of the issuance of the card especially to defraud unsuspecting members of the public.

“We are also aware that some people have received messages that are not coming from Huduma Namba secretariat. There are fraudsters out there. There are those who have sent messages asking them to pay 100 shillings for the processing of Huduma Namba card.” Oguna noted.

“We are telling you that Huduma Namba card is free…nobody should be asked to pay anything and the message you will receive will come from Huduma Namba it will not come as a telephone number," he continued.