Deputy President William Ruto has responded after President Uhuru Kenyatta dared him to resign instead of double-speaking on development.

Speaking in Isiolo on Saturday, February 13, 2021, Dr. Ruto stated that he has never stopped respecting the president even after he started allocating his roles to other people.

"I respect the President very much... I have never said anything to the contrary against the president because of the respect I have for him... he has the final say in this Government," DP Ruto said.

He continued, "Even after the roles that I was supposed to undertake as the Deputy President were allocated to others, I have respected that decision because I want peace and unity in the country. There is no competition between myself and the president of Kenya." 

Uhuru Dares

On Friday President Kenyatta dared his deputy to resign instead of criticising the government from within.

Kenyatta said it was ridiculous “for a leader to keep employing doublespeak whenever he is addressing Kenyans.”

The president did not mention his Deputy’s name directly, but it was clear he was referring to him due to statements Ruto often makes on how Jubilee has developed roads, equipped hospitals among other projects while at the same time casting the government as lost on its priorities due to the introduction of the handshake politics.