KTN Journalist Yvonne Chepkwony has filed a report with the police claiming that she had been threatened by a senior county official.

She told police that Baringo Health County official Gideon Toromo had threatened her life over a report she was working on. 

According to Chepkwony, the health official warned her not to publish or report on a court case she was following up.

"On Tuesday around 2.05 pm Toromo called and demanded to know why I was reporting on the case. He said I should instead focus on other important stories such as the killings in Kapedo," Chepkwony said.

Previous cases

"I have to do my job as a journalist. That is why I decided to report the threat to the police because I do not know what he plans to do. I thought I should take Toromo's threats seriously and that is why I reported him to the police," she continued.

Toromo was arrested last year over claims of threatening to kill his colleague Salome Chelimo, the County Director for Planning and Administration.

Evidence presented in court explained that Toromo allegedly threatened Chelimo for interfering in his work in the county government.

Chelimo said the Health official would call her severally using different numbers while noting that he would end her life.