The Directorate of Criminal Investigations has unraveled a major scandal involving healthcare workers in top hospitals.

According to the DCI, crooked healthcare workers are colluding with criminals to steal money from terminally ill wealthy patients.

The directorate is now investigating how the workers siphon money from the victim’s accounts.

DCI boss George Kinoti notes that the scheme operates in a manner where the workers collude with fraudsters to obtain financial details of ailing rich people before hacking into their bank accounts and withdrawing millions of shillings.

The DCI has singled out cases involving former Presbyterian Church of Africa (PCEA) Secretary-General the late Rev Peter Kania Kariuki and businessman Amos Ngata Muiruri, who died late last year.

The DCI adds that another case involves a prominent Kiambu tycoon alongside a prominent personality from the Rift Valley who lost Sh7 million.

“We stumbled upon one case, which has opened a Pandora’s box. Our preliminary findings reveal the deep involvement of some employees of hospitals that are highly regarded,” Kinoti said.

Although Kinoti did not reveal the name of the hospitals, he notes at least four prestigious facilities are under probe.

Three of the hospitals are private while the fourth is a public facility. Apart from the healthcare workers, the scheme also involves some bank employees and people working for communication service providers.