The Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party national chairman John Mbadi has condemned violent actions sponsored by politicians saying the country was staring at the formation of radical groups.

Mbadi in an interview with KTN News on Tuesday accused leaders allied to the deputy president William Ruto of scheming volatile political schemes that would easily destroy the country.

According to the national assembly minority leader, DP Ruto was to blame for the recent violent incidences witnessed in Murang'a where two people were killed.

"The deputy president is creating an environment for a radical group to spring up which may even come to consume him. Ruto should stop categorising the country along the social groups of the haves and the have-nots," stated Mbadi.

Mbadi likened the hustler narrative to the foundation upon which the formation of the Mungiki group was formed.

"The deputy president stands indicted. He is wrong to divide people along social strata," went on Mbadi.

He blamed the DP for the series of violent incidences saying he had failed to take responsibility in his capacity as the deputy president.

"Ruto is becoming the lord of violence and anarchy in the country," held Mbadi.

He made the remarks moments after Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro dared the police to arrest him from his home, saying he'd not honour summonses.

Both Nyoro and Alice Wahome were required to surrender to the police but have maintained that police were playing partisan politics.