President Uhuru Kenyatta has cautioned Kenyans including the media against peddling falsehoods on the Covid-19 vaccine exercise.

Speaking on Thursday, Uhuru said health workers and the security forces will be the first in line to receive the jab.

He further told the media to seek information from the right sources since the government already has a robust policy on how the vaccination exercise will be conducted.

“Our policy and it has been clearly stated that we will start with frontline workers. I would appeal to members of the fourth estate to stop disseminating rumours," Uhuru said.

Covid-19 Priority List

“We met as Cabinet and made it very clear that the first persons to be administered with this vaccine shall be our frontline health workers. That is category number one. They (health workers) will be followed by our category number 2, who will be our security forces, who also due to the nature of their work are equally frontline workers,” he explained.

Uhuru further noted that other groups of people that will be given priority during the vaccination campaign are teachers and defined emergency service providers.

“Included also will be our teachers because as you know we have resumed learning and our teachers are equally just as exposed.

“We will then move to those with co-mobilities and those above the age of 58 as we move to the rest of the population,” the President pointed out.

On Thursday Kenya recorded 528 Covid-19 cases from 6,291 samples tested in the last 24 hours rising the total confirmed cases to 107,329.