Former Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu has been saved from an auction.

This is after a Kiambu Court on Tuesday, April 13 ruled to stop a quick loans dealer from auctioning two of his luxury vehicles to recover a Ksh10 million loan he had defaulted.

The former governor rushed to court on April 12 after the lender seized the two vehicles as collateral for the loan.

Waititu petitioned the court to bar the lender from aggressively pursuing the loan, arguing that he was going through a tough time.

File image of former Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu. |Photo| Courtesy|

He told the court that he needed more time on the loan, stating that since cases were opened against him, he has spent most of his earnings on legal fees.

"Due to current financial constraints I am facing, I am unable to clear the said loan within the afore-stated period but I hasten to add that with a lot of difficulties coupled with the fact that I am facing numerous cases before an anti-corruption court, which has incurred me a lot of costs and expenses by hiring advocates," he argued.

Reports indicate that the loan was approved two days to Waititu's impeachment.

He was ousted by the Kiambu County Assembly in December 2019 and the decision upheld by the Senate in January 2020.

The former governor was accused of misusing county funds in the excess of Ksh588 million. He is also facing charges on the same.

Waititu has, however, maintained that he is not a corrupt leader, arguing that no public funds were lost or misappropriated during his tenure.

File image of former Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu. |Photo| Courtesy|