Renowned Investigative Journalist John-Allan Namu has responded to allegations of doing an expose on Deputy President William Ruto.

This is after a hashtag #NamuExposesRuto started trending number one on Twitter in Kenya.

A majority of the remarks under the hashtag allege that the journalist has released an expose on DP Ruto revealing how he and his cronies are siphoning public funds from the government.

Namu dismissed the hashtag as fake.

"By now we are well aware of paid hashtags," Namu stated urging his followers to ignore the hashtag.

The hashtag proceeds a recent expose by the journalist where he revealed how companies subvert procurement laws and rake in huge profits.

The rising political tension in the country, especially as the country nears the 2022 general election, there has been a spate of sponsored hashtags online.

Some of the most common paid-for trends have included #UhuruMalizaUende which a section of Kenyans has used to tell President Uhuru Kenyatta to retire with no interest in the next elections.

These hashtags are being used to negatively portray certain politicians so they may lose favour of the public.

Digital strategists have often urged Kenyans to beware of false news peddled through social media platforms.