Jubilee now says they have taken measures in a move to rebrand and restructure the party by cleaning off individuals like Deputy President William Ruto.

In a statement released to newsrooms on November 4, 2021, the ruling party said that they had heeded calls to have the party restructured and revitalized to make it stronger and more vibrant. 

Jubilee mentioned they had 'cleaned the house' from the detractors quoting the scriptural Bible verse of Matthew 5:30 as its inspiration for the shakeup.

image of Raphael Tuju during a past presser.

"We are happy to announce that Jubilee has cleaned the house at the local and national level and shaken off most of the bad elements who have been undermining the party. Including, unfortunately, none other than the Deputy Party Leader William Ruto," the statement read in part.

The party added that more details concerning the rebranding would be made public during the upcoming Jubilee National Delegates Convention (NDC) in November 2021. 

"The Jubilee party has heeded to this call. We are in the process of a major, carefully planned and unprecedented revamp that will send a message to the detractors. Be Very Afraid," Jubilee announced.

Jubilee castigated DP Ruto and his allies for being bitter with the party's plan of rebranding. 

"The Jubilee Deputy Part leader and his small team of rebellious allies have officially said that they have left the Jubilee party, for UDA. We, therefore, cannot understand the anger and the bitterness we see in them when they hear that Jubilee is revamping, in preparation for the 2022 elections. 

"Are they trying to transfer their anger and hate to the people of Mt. Kenya, and is this a precursor of possible political violence in coming days?," Jubilee posed.