NTV news anchor Lofty Matambo celebrates graduating with a first-class honours degree in journalism.

In a message he shared on his Instagram page, Matambo opened up on his journey by revealing his high and low moments in his mission to pursue a dream career in the media.

{NTV News Anchor Lofty Matambo. Image: Courtesy}

"Today, ladies and gentlemen, 14 years since my peers celebrated their graduation, I celebrate this 1st class honours as an absolute honour to my God who has made it possible. I lack words to thank my family, friends and colleagues who pushed me to start and keep on moving," he wrote.

To Matambo, the achievement is a culmination of a decade-long struggle.

In his journey down the memory lane, Matambo remembers feeling dejected when he failed to pursue a university degree in his dream area of specialization despite having aced in his KCSE.

"My peers graduated in the year 2007, I had nothing to celebrate then. I felt hopeless with shattered dreams since I had not joined campus despite getting a clean B(Plain) in my KCSE. So I did not post pictures with a gown or do a party. I knew my fate of becoming a lower class Kenyan had been sealed," he narrated.

The Swahili news anchor, who has worked in the media for years, was first forced to pursue Diploma in Medical Lab Technology, a course he never liked. 

He later hustled his way in acquiring skills in communication and media production, which he says was his dream career.

His skills in the media earned him an opportunity in a small media and later got a chance in one of the biggest media houses in Kenya, KTN.

Despite hitting his career goal, Matambo notes that all was not well.

Without academic qualification in the media, he felt he lacked legitimate grounds to explore better options.

'...the problem came in when I made a small name/brand in the Media Industry and colleagues, friends, family members, bosses started pushing me for bigger positions in various organisations.

"I always declined such huge offers and pieces of advice to spread my wings wider in the industry for one simple reason; I felt undeserved too much favoured," he said.

After years of struggle, Matambo says he was four years ago forced to seek academic qualifications in the media field, a journey he says should serve as an inspiration to many.

To him, the achievement is not only worth a celebration and gratitude to God but also a testament to all that one can achieve whatever goal no matter the situation.